Fresh mushrooms U-CHA is a brand of fresh mushrooms belonging to Biovegi Vietnam JSC. All fresh mushrooms of U-CHA are of clear origin, certified and hygienic food safety.

Typical examples are:

  • U-CHA needle fungus: Imported directly from Korea.
  • U-CHA chicken thigh and U-CHA chicken thighs are imported directly from Korea.
  • Mushroom and brown narcissus U-CHA white are grown and packaged 100% by technology and raw materials.
  • Mushrooms, mushrooms, oats … Vietnam has a clear origin.

Vision and mission

When the mushroom market in Vietnam is up to 90% is mushroom from China, no origin and clear production process, the mushroom brand U-CHA carry a great mission to supply and give Vietnamese people clean fresh mushrooms – meet the strictest quality standards.

No more worry about health, consumers just enjoy the fresh taste of U-CHA mushroom completely different from the rest; building up a fresh mushroom culture for Vietnamese cuisine


At present, Biovegi Joint Stock Company is the importer of many leading mushroom companies in the world from Korea and Japan such as Japan Hokuto Corporation.

U-CHA fresh mushrooms are distributed and sold on many big supermarket systems such as Big C, Vinmart, MegaMarket, Aeon … and retail system nationwide.

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